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Case Study - Keeping a Fast Paced Business Safe

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Key Service - Reviewing and improving processes in a fast paced national storage solution company

The Client:

A fast growing storage solution company who has recently expanded their headquarters to include office space and two large warehouses and a distribution center

The Challenge:

Our clients organisation has experienced serious growth over the last 18 months as they expand operations helping to support organisations through COVID.

As the headquarters expanded, processes were required for health and safety, fire safety, building compliance and asset maintenance schedules.

As operations grow the necessity to implement robust compliance processes increased, but with business booming the in house team could not find the time to get to the root of the problem.

That is where the Autrac team provided support.

Finding a Solution:

An organisation as unique as our clients required a unique approach. Our team listened carefully to understand the situation, understand where the concerns were and developed a bespoke support package to help.

An initial property compliance audit was completed that gave our customer an easy to understand view on how buildings compliance performance. This created a risk assessed 'shopping list' which supported our customer with future business planning.

A fire risk assessment, health and safety assessment and asset maintenance record were created to address and eliminate the high risks, and a compliance strategy was created that will ensure the premises remains safe for the foreseeable future.

The Outcome:

The process created a safer premises for all users, high risks were mitigated to low and a number of 'hidden risks' were identified removing further hazards from the organisation.

Completion of the statutory risk assessments ensured compliance and the future property strategy helped provide assurance to regulators, insurers and customers that their business is in safe hands.

"David and the Autrac team were very easy to work with, making the process streamline, efficient and clear. We now know and understand our property responsibilities and compliance position fully which is unique in my industry. The depth of knowledge and the quality of comms were second to none! I highly recommend Autrac, they provided an excellent service "

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