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Case Study - A New Approach to Safety

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Essential Service - To support an organisation in redesigning its health and safety process and gaining accreditation with a nationally recognised safety body.

The Client:

A UK based construction company with experience delivering projects throughout the UK, EU and the United States.

The Challenge:

Our client's organisation has continued to deliver construction projects to a high standard throughout the COVID pandemic, with several exciting opportunities presenting themselves with globally recognised brands and corporate organisations.

These customers demand a higher level of statutory compliance assurance. Along with moving into a new sector, our client required a strategic review and improvement of their health and safety policies and processes.

Embedded systems had become clunky and challenging to manage. Our client's vision was to modernise its safety systems using the best in agile working methods that have been so successful throughout the pandemic.

That is where the Autrac team provided support.

Finding a Solution:

Our team reviewed the safety and risk management systems, paying particular attention to previous incidents and near misses. To gain a complete picture of the unique risks brought by our client's activities, workshops were carried out with the team members to uncover the dangers inherent in their activities.

This 'fact finding' helped paint a picture of the team's environment, helping form what the safety processes could be. The information gained was essential in redesigning the techniques, and a modern, easy to use health and safety system was implemented.

The newly designed process included a digital risk management service and an online portal for statutory compliance management. The Autrac team supported adjusting policies and procedures and completed the onboarding for these new tools.

To prove the new system's effectiveness, Alcumus carried out a full external audit with our customer receiving the excellent award of 'Safe Contractor status.

The Outcome:

The process created a safer, faster and cheaper health and safety system. The digital health and safety platforms created several benefits, including:

  • Creating a fully auditable, live system visible by all colleagues.

  • 'At a glance' visibility of health and safety performance.

  • Reducing the time required to create RAMS packs and site audits by 75%.

  • Access to industry recognised templates and sample documents.

  • Improving the distribution and clarity of documents to site teams.

The 'Safe Contractor' external accreditation proved the health and safety systems and provided a nationally recognised award that will help give assurance to customers and unlock a new sector of business.

"Autrac delivered an outstanding service; they took the time to get to know our business and people and gave us something easy to use and effective. The new process will help us remain safe as we grow into a new construction industry section."

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