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Case Study - Managing a Winning Bid

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Key Service:

An existing client approached us to manage and provide bid support for a high-value tender that would unlock a new business area for our customer- Supplying equipment to a large public sector organisation.

The contract provided the opportunity for £1.2million worth of revenue over the contract period presenting an excellent regular revenue stream and a significant piece of business for our client.

The Client

Work-flo is a fast-growing business, supporting companies across Europe to expand their warehousing facilities. Workflo also create bespoke storage for cycle facilities, refuse and external smoking shelters.

Work-flo are very passionate about the environment, which makes them great customers. They focus on reusing equipment and reducing an installation's carbon footprint by up to 80%! They are driving their industry to be environmentally conscious and subscribe to the triple bottom line theory, and we are proud to support their business.

The Challenge

Work-flo are pretty unique in the industry; they focus heavily on operational excellence and spend very little on marketing. They grow their business on quality, repeat business and word of mouth. With no designated business development team, they needed support to manage a significant tender return and create a compelling, compliant bid.

We were delighted to be asked to manage the tender return and support the bid.

Finding a Solution

At a hectic time of year for our customers, we had to ensure our time with them was laser-focused. We planned the work around our customer's needs and provided every second with them delivered value.

We focused on fact-finding and spent time at the beginning of the project understanding the stories that made Workflo unique, helping create a tender bid that would stand out from the crowd.

Our customers had so many great stories, especially sustainability, that they could fold into the overall tender creating a great submission.

The Outcome

We were delighted to share the news with the Workflo team that they had been successful for 6 out of 6 lots within the tender! Presenting a £1.2million supply opportunity to one of the most prominent organisations on the South Coast.

The process also identified opportunities to formalise their sustainability approach, and a brand new policy was created as a value add to this piece of work. This will help Workflo continue its commitment to the environment into the future.

"We knew we had a real chance of delivering this project, but we didn't have the time or experience to tell our story. We engaged the Autrac team on the back of some excellent pieces of work and had every confidence they could create a winning tender package.
Their comms and processes were superb, making it very easy for us. It was clear the timeframes were tight, but the strength of Autrac's methods made the whole process very comfortable. This is a massive piece of business for us; a big thank you to the Autrac team."
Simon, Director, Workflo

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss an opportunity - We can help manage, create or review bids, significantly increasing your success rates.

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