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Back to the Office Jitters

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

The last few years have been transformational, Recognising history whilst living it is difficult but the way we work has changed forever. Our working future will not only be dictated by the widespread acceptance of remote working but also how we manage work whilst living within the shadow of COVID.

The return to the office has been extremely challenging for individuals and businesses. One comprehensive study reported that 55.2% of professionals were anxious about returning to the office, with over 60% reporting that they would consider leaving their job if working from home was no longer an option.

This has created a charged relationship between employers and employees with many companies at risk of losing talent to more flexible organisations. Studies show salaries have reduced as the most important factor for joining a company. Flexibility is now seen as the key motivator for joining an organisation.

Traditional office spaces have quickly become inefficient and out of date. The move to flexible working has created a change in office design with new builds now considering, quiet spaces, hot desk hubs, and locations to take virtual meetings.

It can be difficult to retrofit agile working requirements into traditional style offices. The benefits in productivity and the opportunity to encourage and retain talent have now put office space refurbishment as a high strategic priority for organisations.

As we understand more about how COVID can spread we are also understanding how good design can reduce the risk of transmission in the workplace. So what can we consider when thinking about the future of the office?

- Open plan flexible seating arrangements that foster collaborative working.

- Providing drop in spaces for impromptu virtual meetings and catch ups.

- The removal of individual offices encouraging senior manager visibility and openness.

- The removal of assigned desks, allowing teams to move frequently suiting the nature of their work.

- Use of anti-bacterial, easy to clean furniture and equipment.

- COVID safe stations with hygiene facilities to wipe down pre and post use.

- Enhanced cleaning regimes, good equipment selection can make cleaning regimes more efficient meaning you can often get a deeper clean in the same amount of time.

- Workflow design eliminating choke points and separating entrances and exits.

An office refresh or redesign can really demonstrate an organisations commitment to a post COVID world and can provide an excellent return on investment.

In the new world where attracting and retaining talent has become more important then ever the refresh of the work environment can boost morale, productivity and help to create a fresh start drawing a line under stressful pandemic working.

Sharing best practice across industries is essential in ensuring we get this right first time. We have vast experience in designing spaces for healthcare and can apply the best practice in your office space.

Get in touch with the Autrac team now if you would like a free consultation on what is possible with your work environment.

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